Documentary Wedding Photography: Why You Should Try it?

In Sydney, wedding photography is generally something that can quickly go stale as time passes. Every year, photographers tend to craft trends to make things a lot more interesting. One good example of photographers taking things to the next level is documentary wedding photography. It isn’t something new to the medium, but the emergence of many people wanting to do this is remarkable and will truly become a trend in 2022.

So what does it mean to avail a documentary wedding photography? In this article, we’ll explain why this exact type of wedding photography in Sydney is something you should try without any regrets.

Candid and Hands-off

One of the things that wedding photographers in Sydney promise to their clients if they avail of this package is that the result will be something out of the box. Candid, as some people would call it, everything that is captured is pure and a product of the events. Photographers would mostly be active at all times, scanning everything, looking for an angle where they could capture raw emotions and conversations that would become meaningful still moments.

Little Interference to the Event

Documentary wedding photographers opt for a more discreet approach. It is mainly because they don’t want to cause any form of disruption for the people attending the once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s all about documenting people and how they interact with one another. Finding moments like these is challenging and would require skill and patience. So if you want a more polished and genuine output, you should take this trend as an opportunity.

Can be Easily Instructed

Even though documentary photographers are trained to do things according to their judgment, it’s still possible to command them and have them do certain shots that you prefer. For instance, group photos can still be covered; they’ll do their best to showcase specific elements that would make the group stand out from the backdrop.


Since documentary-style wedding photography in Sydney would only take several hours of editing, you won’t have to overpay for post-processing. Not only that, but these types of photographers are also very flexible when it comes to the time, so if you only want the photographers to capture specific points of the event, then you can freely customize it according to your preference.

Wedding photography isn’t a new field to creative ideas, but it’s always amazing to explore recent trends that just entirely blow up within a year. We hope that this article helps your decision of whether you should go with a documentary style of photography or not.

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