Safety Tips When Knife Sharpening with Kids Using Edge Pro Sharpeners in Australia

Teaching and helping your kids using sharp tools, such as knife sharpening materials, is a valuable learning experience for little ones. Exercising close supervision is the primary safety precaution that you should exercise when teaching your kids how to use edge pro sharpeners knife sharpening tools. Below are the other equally important safety tips to utilize when sharpening knives with kids: 

  1. Sharpen knives with kids on majorly sizable surfaces

Children feel safer, and, in turn, comfortable, using knife sharpeners the first couple of times on large surfaces. Oftentimes, dropping knife sharpeners on the floor causes physical injuries to the users. Sharpening edge pro sharpeners on wide surfaces lessens the chances of dropping the tools on the floor. Don’t forget, though, to avoid using knife sharpeners with kids in a swift manner on sizable surfaces. Hurrying to sharpen knives even on wide surfaces can still cause accidents and injuries. 

  1. Let the children stand in front of stools or chairs 

One of the most common causes of accidents and injuries during the use of sharp objects is not being able to see the tasks while they’re being executed. Let your children stand in front of stools or chairs in front of the counters while sharpening knives using edge pro sharpeners. Standing in this position enables the children to stand in front of the counters at waist level, and, thus, get good views of the knives being sharpened. 

  1. You and the children should all be wearing closed-toe shoes 

Wearing sandals and other opened-toe shoes triggers people to easily lose their bodily standing balance while sharpening knives. Wearing closed-toe shoes is the key to maintaining a stable, comfortable, and safe bodily posture while using the edge pro sharpening system tools. Remember, though, that you and the kids are encouraged to refrain from picking up knives that fall off the floor. Avoiding doing this enables users to prevent injuries and accidents. 

  1. Your children needs to sharpen with one hand and hold the knives on the other 

This physical position of sharpening knives is stable and safe. Such a knife sharpening position using edge pro lets you and your kids sharpen knife while avoiding physical contact with sharp edges. What’s more, you and your kids get to perform the task in a firm position when you all utilize this position of knife sharpening. 

  1. Sharpen only knives with kids that aren’t extremely dull 

Extremely dull knives are hard to sharpen, and tend to fall off yours and your kids’ hands while being sharpened. So, go for the option with lesser risks.