Crimsafe Security Doors: Customization Options for Every Australian Home Style

When it comes to protecting our homes and loved ones, security is of paramount importance. In Australia, one of the most trusted names in home security is Crimsafe. With their range of high-quality security doors, Crimsafe provides peace of mind without compromising on style. What sets Crimsafe apart is their extensive customization options, allowing homeowners to find the perfect security door that complements their unique home style.

Enhancing Home Security 

In Australia, where safety is a top concern, Crimsafe security doors offer unrivaled protection against intruders, pests, and even extreme weather conditions. These doors are constructed with a patented technology that combines strength and durability, making them virtually impenetrable. Additionally, Crimsafe’s unique screw-clamp system reinforces the frame, preventing forced entry attempts. With these robust security features, homeowners can have confidence in the safety of their property, while maintaining a stylish aesthetic.

Tailored to Australian Home Styles 

Crimsafe understands that every home has its own unique style, and security solutions should enhance rather than detract from its appearance. Whether you own a modern architectural marvel, a charming Victorian-era home, or a beachside cottage, Crimsafe offers a wide range of customization options to suit your individual taste. From different frame colors and finishes to various mesh types, you can personalize your security door to seamlessly blend with the existing design of your home. Crimsafe’s design consultants are well-versed in Australian architecture and can help you choose the perfect combination of colors and materials for a truly harmonious look.

Versatility and Functionality 

Beyond aesthetics, Crimsafe security doors provide practicality and convenience. The doors are hinged or sliding, offering flexibility in installation based on your home’s layout. They also feature a unique “Safe-S-Cape” system, allowing quick and easy exit in case of emergencies. This feature is especially crucial in bushfire-prone areas where safe evacuation is essential. With Crimsafe, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family is protected without compromising on safety measures.

Trusted Australian Brand 

Crimsafe is an Australian-owned and operated company that has been trusted by homeowners across the country for over 20 years. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made them a market leader in the security industry. Crimsafe security doors are rigorously tested to exceed Australian standards, providing a reliable and durable security solution for your home.


When it comes to safeguarding your home, Crimsafe security doors offer the perfect balance of protection, style, and customization options. With their extensive range of design choices, you can find the ideal security door that seamlessly integrates with your home’s unique style. Trust Crimsafe to keep your Australian home secure while enhancing its beauty and functionality.