Checklist After Buying Your Knockdown Rebuild Home

Knockdown rebuild is steadily becoming a staple when it comes to owning a property, and is one way that many providers are suggesting to their clients. If you are interested in owning this type of build, you have come to the right place. Since it is a trendy and a new thing in the real estate industry, only a few guides are there that would help you set up a new home.

Here, we’re making a checklist to get you ready within just minutes!

Check the furniture

If you’re eyeing to have a long-lasting and comfortable new home, you have to check every nook and cranny of your property. Rebuilding one would mean that you have to get rid of all the old furniture inside. However, in some cases, people who own the property remove the furniture and put it back once the building has concluded.

Most of the time, however, the standard house and land packages in Sydney aren’t that in-depth regarding styling, especially interior design. In this case, you might have to decide to remove every piece of furniture or replace only those that are very far from the concept or idea of your home in mind.

Check on the neighbors

A knockdown rebuild house is often being ordered by people who won’t have a clean slate with their property. They don’t need to reintroduce themselves to the neighbors in this situation. Hence, this is only an exclusive approach for people buying a new property.

Nevertheless, make sure to become acquainted with your presumed neighbors to keep a good relationship and dodge any possible community conflicts. It is always a good thing to have your face and name all around the neighborhood so that they are aware of you, and in case of emergency, they would know what to do.

Building errors

There are some cases where service providers aren’t doing the best they can, which is when building errors come to fruition. You have to outsource an additional person to inspect the whole property if you can. This way, there won’t be any bias when it comes to their judgment, and you could easily know what needs fixing or not.

A knockdown rebuild property is an expensive project, and with this list, you’ll be able to get through the process without any hesitation. We hope this helps, and stay tuned for more real estate tips and guides.


Aussies on Bathroom Repair and Improvement

Home renovation spending in Australia has soared to over AU$1 billion a month according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Whether it’s to regrout a shower, change tiles, upgrade furniture or add an extra room, Australians are putting their money on home improvement. The COVID-19 Pandemic has fueled this trend as more and more people are staying at home. In 2019, national renovation expenses only peaked at around AU$800 million. But in March 2021, this has increased to AU$1.14 billion. 

Home offices are getting the most attention from home owners, but so do kitchens and bathrooms. Showers in particular are also getting some needed upgrades and repairs as people spend more time at home. Bathroom sealing and repair has become an important part of home maintenance and more so during this pandemic. This may involve simple things like changing shower heads or faucets to more complex tasks like installing new shower systems or changing shower tiles.

In the US, bathroom renovations are mostly driven by the desire to do the needed renovation and finally having the time and means to do so according to Statista. Coming in second is the reason that home owners can no longer stand their old bathroom. The third reason is that the old bathroom has deteriorated or broke down (may be even beyond having to regrout a shower.) These reasons may also be shared by Australians since the pandemic has also opened up more free time staying at home. 

A related survey from Statista in 2021 also reveals that general contractors are mostly hired to help with bathroom renovations in the US (with 49 percent). These renovations may include shower repairs, tile installation, and plumbing among others. Second are bathroom remodelers at 22 percent and bathroom designers at 14 percent. But the professionals hired will depend on how big or small the renovation project is.

Some projects may simply need to regrout a shower. This is often applicable to older bathrooms and shower stalls. New bathrooms rarely have problems with their grouts as these are freshly applied and can last for several years. But for bathrooms that have unexplained leaks or unsightly mold and mildew, doing a tile regrout may be necessary. Small problems can be fixed with DIY kits while bigger issues need to be handled by professionals. The latter is usually preferred by home owners since there’s less hassle in handling the process of repairing a shower.